At IDS, we take pride in designing custom information systems to meet the specific needs of our clients. From start to finish, we ensure data safety, system security, stability, and scalability. The systems we develop are are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to work with. In turn, this improves both data integrity and end-user performance.

We secure your most important data through the use of user authentication and firewalls. Password protection and encryption techniques not only enable you to control who uses the system, but also the specific tasks an individual can or cannot perform. An activity log will monitor and keep record of system usage.

By properly controlling a system and limiting data entry to choices, we eliminate data errors and redundancy and improve data integrity. Special, custom designed interfaces provide users with the tools to enter, review & manage data easily and effectively.

We develop powerful programs with stability and reliability in mind. We follow industry standards when establishing communication between the data and the applications. This ensures a reliable, stable link to your data at all times.

Using the MS NT/2000 operating system and Back office products, we create robust systems with true module based scalability. This provides for a flexible and scalable approach to development. Having a main program that houses all module links makes future expansion easy and cost effective.

We give our clients robust, manageable solutions that enhance communication and collaboration by turning their data into intelligence.
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