Today, wireless technology is emerging rapidly as an effective and efficient global communication medium. Wireless applications enable you to operate, respond and do business with your mobile customers, work force and partners anywhere, anytime. Empowering your workforce with real time information and transaction capabilities adds significant value and productivity to your business.

As a result, IDS creates a full selection of application tools designed to run on various hand-held devices. From field data collection and sales force automation to remotely accessing central data, these devices are being used in almost every industry.

Mobile Software is a great solution for delivering information any time, any place and on any device. At IDS, we develop cutting-edge solutions using mobile devices, hand-held computers, and palm based tools to extend applications, connect to new markets and innovate exciting new ways for people to live and work.

These services give our customers the ability to access both business and personal information anytime, anywhere, using familiar applications such as pocket versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer. IDS has taken this technology one step further by developing custom applications and programs for these mobile devices which incorporate anything and everything from digital cameras and cellular modems to bar code readers and voice automated software.
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